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It really feels like summer in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) We went for three dives today☆ In the morning, we joined our friend’s boat for dives in Yonehara and at Manta point\(^o^)/ In the afternoon, we went diving in Osaki on the other side of the cape♪
The Manta rays were still in good form!!

Did I mention it was a very sunny day? (^O^)

In Osaki, we met the green sea turtles♪♪

It’s been a while since we got to float over the coral garden in Yonehara♪ So beautiful♡ I always look forward to diving here(*´▽`*)

At Manta scramble, we saw the manta rays! But also so many corals have been growing up.

This snake sliddered over the sand at Yonehara, there was quite a lot of them today☆ I think it has a cute face♪

What do you call a little shrimp on a whip coral? A whip coral shrimp♪♪

And below is an Anemone shrimp(;・∀・)

I hope we can have many more summery winter days like this, but I guess that might not be possible(;^ω^)