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This week in Ishigaki island we have sunny and calm weather everyday☆

However, around this time of the year, we should be seeing a lot more Manta rays (;´・ω・)
At least the coral garden isn’t going anywhere☆ Lots of small fishes were swimming around merrily!

A Mantis shrimp poked its head out of a hole before hiding again. They are strong and have a fierce punch but are easily scared(;・∀・)

A Clown anemonefish was basking in the sunlight in the shallow part of the reef♪ It looked very relaxed(≧▽≦)

While waiting for the Mantas to show up, this tiny Nudibranch crossed our path♪♪

Tomorrow, the Mantas will be there! From next week it looks like the wind will turn to the north(´-ω-`)☆

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