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Sunny hot day in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) Today we went for fun dives at Yamabare and Manta point☆ Both dive sites had lots of healthy corals growing\(^o^)/ However, the water temperature is already quite high which makes me worry.

Today’s guest♪♪ We searched for the manta rays together but they didn’t show up today(/ω\)

We did meet lots of gren sea turtles at both Yamabare and Manta scramble☆
This one was resting under a rock♪

Another turtle was resting on top of the corals(*´▽`*)

We also saw a school of striped eel catfishes appeared♪ They look cute but are actually poisonous so it’s better to not get too close.

Below, anemone fish eggs♡ They are about to hatch soon (^ω^)

The manta rays are not appearing that frequently yet, I hope they will start circling the cleaning stations more regularly soon! (・`д・´)