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Sometimes cloudy, sometimes clear sky and then a brief thunderstorm in Ishigaki island today☆ The weather changes quickly! (;^ω^)

We went out to Yonehara and Manta Scramble☆
Lot’s of small fishes were swimming over the coral field(≧▽≦)

Our discover scuba diving team descended slowly and explored the reef too (^O^)

A Bubble coral shrimp☆ It is very small and doesn’t move around much☆

The Anemone shrimp is also often staying in the same place♪♪ This individual is very big and easy to spot even for beginner divers☆

A Whip coral shrimp clinging on to the root of a Whip coral♪ I wish it would move further out where it would be easier to see it(;^ω^)

Under a rock at Yonehara this Shark was trying to take a rest♪♪
Many divers pass through this area so it probably had a hard time relaxing(;・∀・)

For 2nd dive we went out to Manta point♬
We waited, had a short swim around, then continued to wait(; ・`д・´)
The Manta appeared just as I was about to give up\(^o^)/ However, it was quite far away and our discover scuba diving team missed it(/ω\)

More fun dives tomorrow♪

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