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Last night, we woke up to thunder and heavy rain but as morning came the sun was shining again☀ the weather can really change quickly here on Ishigaki island(≧▽≦)
It was an all-girls boat today♪ as we went out with both beginners and certified divers\(^o^)/ Below, the discover scuba divers and lots of sea goldies♪they both swam very well with all the equipment!

There are always so many schools of fishes at Yonehara♡

Manta point challenge(; ・`д・´) We went looking for manta rays both the second and third dive! First at manta scrambe…. and no luck(/ω\)

Then, manta city and… no luck(-_-メ) where are they hiding?!

At least the green sea turtles were there, this one was very sleepy and friendly☆

Tomorrow I’m off fun diving with certified divers. Of course, we’ll go out to manta point again!

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