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A strong north wind is blowing in Ishigaki island because of the influence from a newly formed typhoon.
Today, we went out with a group of friends from Hong Kong☆ Fun dives, Discover scuba dives and snorkeling(≧▽≦)
We departed from Sakieda beach and went to Osaki and Nagura area☆☆

Lots of livley coral bommies in Osaki(^O^)
Our discover scuba divers swam really well and it was hard to belive it was their first time diving(^ω^)

So many Tomato anemonefishes in this spot, and we saw lots of other anemonefishes too(≧▽≦)

Let’s keep good buoyancy as we swim over the corals☆ nice dive☆

In Nagura bay we also saw lots of Seasnakes(;・∀・)
This small one was having a nap on top of the corals♪♪ We also saw a huge one swimming slowly over the bottom☆ For people that don’t like snakes it might have been a bit scary(;´・ω・)

Tomorrow we’re off for more fun dives♪ Looks like the north wind will be strong(;´・ω・)

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