Fun Dives and Discover Scuba Dives in Osaki

Even though it’s already April, we had maximum 21°C in Ishigaki today. Cold!

We went out to Osaki with fun divers and discover scuba divers(≧▽≦)

Our discover scuba divers were a bit scared at first, but once underwater we had a good dive☆ They had their own camera and took lots of pictures♪ The Giant Cuttlefishes were in good health this day too(/・ω・)/

This big male cuttlefish looked eager☆ He changed colors as he approached to intimidate his rivals(;^ω^)

A school of Cornetfishes had stopped to get themselves a good clean♪ Many divers like them♪♪

On top of the corals, schools of small Sea Goldies swam around♪ I could stay and just watch them all day(^O^)

Tomorrow, we’ll go out to Nagura and Osaki are again♪♪

Despite Rain and Wind – We Finished the Course♪♪

Today, there was supposed to be a triathlon in Ishigaki, but it got cancelled because of the strong rain and wind(T_T)

The wind was so strong(;・∀・) But we didn’t let that hinder us from going diving☆☆
After all, it was the last day of our Open Water Course\(^o^)/

A Scorpion fish! As we do a lot of skill practice on the sandy bottom during the course, we really have to take care to see where we sit down(;^ω^)

We found this Red-dot Nudibranch(≧▽≦) It’s so colorful♪
The skirt moved in waves as it made it’s way across the ocean floor☆

The corals in Osaki were looking fine(^O^) and we saw lots of Giant Cuttlefishes(/・ω・)/

A female cuttlefish♪ She was laying eggs in a coral crack☆

Close by, a big male♪ When other males drew near, he changed color to intimidate and chase them away(;・∀・)

That’s the end of our 3 day Open Water Course! We had a lot of fun and got to dive in many different places (≧▽≦)
Tomorrow, we are departing with a family of divers and snorkelers♪☆

2nd Day of Open Water Course

Another day with warm south winds in Ishigaki♪

Today we had the second day of open water course(≧▽≦)
We went out to Yonehara and Manta point♪

Our student’s girlfriend, who is already certified, also dived together for fun and extra support♪ They looked were sweet together(^O^)

After skill practice, we explored the reef♪ In Yonehara, we were completely surrounded by all the small fishes swimming above the coral field\(^o^)/

A big anemone fish has gotten lots of new small fishes as company in his anemone(/・ω・)/
He didn’t seem to like them very much because he kept chasing them away(;・∀・)

Today we dived Manta point east side☆
The mantas were there♪ Circling round and round♪♪ I thought they were going to stay for the whole dive! But after a short time circling they swam away (;^ω^)

We’ll continue the corse tomorrow♪ Departing from Sakieda, we will go out to Osaki or Nagura area\(^o^)/

Fun Dives and Snorkeling☆

This morning the sky was cloudy as we departed from Kabira, Ishigaki and then, right before second dive, big rain and thunder!

Yonehara snorkeling♪ It was cloudy but the wind was calm (≧▽≦)

The corals are growing up here and there in the shallow parts of the reef♪♪♪

Diving, these Clown Anemonefishes might have to find a new home soon (/ω\) Their Anemone looked very sad sitting in the shallow part of the reef.

This is my favorite Nudibranch☆ Look at all those frills(≧▽≦)

The Sea slugs had curled themselves up into a ball… I think there might be 3 of them in there, how many would you guess?

A coral with particular color☆ I’m looking forward to seeing small corals like this grow up (^O^)

A fierce Honey Comb Moray! The moray’s tooth are so pointed and sharp(;・∀・)

No Mantas at Manta point today (/ω\)Tomorrow, we’ll get revenge!

Last Day of Open Water Course☆

The wind hastily calmed down here on Ishigaki☆
So we could go out to Osaki area and to finish the course there(≧▽≦)

After we finished the skill practice in a shallow area, it was time to go and explore☆☆
We found a Green Turtle relaxing at the bottom(^O^) it was having a nap on the shallow reef♪♪

I took it as a good sign^^however, when searching for the Giant Cuttlefishes they were not in their usual mating mood and many swam around frenetically all our the place… I wonder what happened. I hope nobody has been chasing them around (/ω\)

A Sea Cucumber Crab hitched a ride with this Upside Down Jellyfish, it looks quite heavy for the jellyfish (;・∀・)

A small Scorpionfish, and a Stonefish that had buried itself deep in the sand so only the eyes and mouth were sticking up (/・ω・)/

Our student improved so much during these days and is now a certified diver☆ Congratulations on finishing the course☆

Tomorrow I think we will drive around the boat from Sakieda to Kabira again(^ω^)