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Blue sky today! Or so I thought as we departed from Kabira beach, but of course it had to rain today too in Ishigaki(;・∀・) Luckily, it was all over after three minutes of intensive downpour♪♪ Underwater, we watched the many colors of fish and corals at the shallow parts of the reef♡

This rock formation is special to this dive site☆

Lots of juvenile bluestripe snappers were swimming around(;・∀・) I hope they grow up big and the schools of them will be wonderful to see!

The resident turtle of manta city☆ a green sea turtle(*^▽^*) The divers will swim over to have a look and they just continue sleeping♪

A lionfish spreading its fins☆

The red tomato anemonefish stands out even more against the white anemone.

A whip coral shrimp.

Tomorrow we’re off for both discover scuba dives and fun dives♪♪ The wind is picking up, I hope the forecast for calm sea tomorrow too holds(>_<)

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