Fun Dives and Snorkeling☆

This morning the sky was cloudy as we departed from Kabira, Ishigaki and then, right before second dive, big rain and thunder!

Yonehara snorkeling♪ It was cloudy but the wind was calm (≧▽≦)

The corals are growing up here and there in the shallow parts of the reef♪♪♪

Diving, these Clown Anemonefishes might have to find a new home soon (/ω\) Their Anemone looked very sad sitting in the shallow part of the reef.

This is my favorite Nudibranch☆ Look at all those frills(≧▽≦)

The Sea slugs had curled themselves up into a ball… I think there might be 3 of them in there, how many would you guess?

A coral with particular color☆ I’m looking forward to seeing small corals like this grow up (^O^)

A fierce Honey Comb Moray! The moray’s tooth are so pointed and sharp(;・∀・)

No Mantas at Manta point today (/ω\)Tomorrow, we’ll get revenge!

Last Day of Open Water Course☆

The wind hastily calmed down here on Ishigaki☆
So we could go out to Osaki area and to finish the course there(≧▽≦)

After we finished the skill practice in a shallow area, it was time to go and explore☆☆
We found a Green Turtle relaxing at the bottom(^O^) it was having a nap on the shallow reef♪♪

I took it as a good sign^^however, when searching for the Giant Cuttlefishes they were not in their usual mating mood and many swam around frenetically all our the place… I wonder what happened. I hope nobody has been chasing them around (/ω\)

A Sea Cucumber Crab hitched a ride with this Upside Down Jellyfish, it looks quite heavy for the jellyfish (;・∀・)

A small Scorpionfish, and a Stonefish that had buried itself deep in the sand so only the eyes and mouth were sticking up (/・ω・)/

Our student improved so much during these days and is now a certified diver☆ Congratulations on finishing the course☆

Tomorrow I think we will drive around the boat from Sakieda to Kabira again(^ω^)

Open Water – First Day on the Ocean☆

The first part of this week we had such warm and gentle weather, but now a strong north wind is blowing in Ishigaki island.

Today’s student did his confined session in February and came back this weekend to finish his course☆☆
First day on the boat this morning(≧▽≦) We went to a spot in Nagura bay were we had some shelter from the wind☆ This spot also has many healthy corals♪♪

Underwater, we could escape the cold winds and enjoy the peaceful coral landscape\(^o^)/

Our student had practiced the skills at home and could perform them well so we had time to explore underwater♪ He is quickly getting better and better buoyancy (^O^)

We also met the charming Tomato Anemone Fishes

At around 10m depth, we could see many corals growing and recovering from past coral bleaching(≧▽≦)

The wind will calm down tomorrow (/・ω・)/ I hope it will get warmer again (;・∀・)

Calm Diving Day☆

Another beautiful warm day in Ishigaki island☆

We went out for Fun and Discover Scuba Dives(/・ω・)/ However, our first time divers were a bit too nervous(;^ω^) so we switched to snorkeling and had fun watching the underwater world from above instead(^O^)

We found many different kinds of fishes swimming around this lobe coral\(^o^)/

Healthy corals are slowly growing up☆ Around next month, there will be coral spawning(/・ω・)/

Unluckily, we didn’t get to meet the mantas today(/ω\)
But our Fun Divers found a big Green turtle♪♪ It had hidden it’s head and was deeply asleep(^O^)

Tomorrow, we will move the boat around to Sakieda, I wonder how long until we can return to Kabira…

Snorkeling Yonehara & Manta Point

A warm day with gentle breeze♪♪ The weather has been great in Ishigaki recently, almost like summer, but it looks like we have another storm coming this weekend.

Today, we went out snorkeling with three confident swimmers (≧▽≦)

Last year the snorkel point at Yonehara had some damage because of high water temperature’s with coral bleaching, but now we can see healthy corals starting to grow here and there again(/・ω・)/

For second point we went out look for the Manta rays(^O^)
The light was shining beautifully down through the water… but no Mantas(/ω\)  So we waited, and waited, and waited!

Just as I thought it was time to finally give up, three Mantas suddenly appeared(≧▽≦) I’m happy we waited!

They all lined up into a neat row as they swam away Snorkelinginto the ocean (;^ω^)

Tomorrow is probably last day we can go to Manta point for now(T_T) The wind is turning to north again…