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The swell has gone down somewhat and a gentle breeze is blowing over Ishigaki island(≧▽≦)

However, the wind is changing to north and from tomorrow we cannot go out to Manta point(;´・ω・)

Today’s student leveled up her PADI scuba diver license to Open water diver! We did one dive in Osaki and one at Manta point☆☆

We descended slowly and did lots of skill practice! (≧▽≦) Of course, we also made time for exploring the reef♪♪

The visibility is back to normal♪ We also saw the Batfishes but it was a small school today(;・∀・)

There were also lots of tiny Nudibranchs! We can usually find many of them in this area during the winter(/・ω・)/

Today, we saw lots of Manta rays at Manta city, I believe there were 3 different individuals(^ω^)
“Let’s finish the compass skills and then rush off to the Mantas!” I thought. However, the Manta ended up coming to us\(^o^)/ You can see it approaching☆

It really swam up close!! Feeling grateful to this amazing ocean giant♪

We also saw many Green turtles, this one was having a break on top of the reef(*^▽^*)

After watching the Manta rays, we enjoyed diving the landscape side of this dive site!

From tomorrow, we will be diving in Osaki and Nagura area♪ It’s been a long time and I’m excited to dive there again(*^▽^*)

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