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The wind has turned into a breeze again in Ishigaki Island☆ It’s hot above the surface!(;^ω^)

We went out with high hopes of seeing the Manta rays, but they weren’t there today either(T_T)
Apparently, some divers have been swimming after and chasing the Mantas, so that could be why they are not showing up((+_+))

In Yamabare, the corals are growing up quickly♪♪ It’s fun to watch them get bigger and bigger every year(≧▽≦)

A Green turtle made itself comfortable on top of the rocks for its afternoon nap(*^▽^*)

We saw lots of macro today♪ Like this tiny flowing Nudibranch☆ There were three of them in the same spot♪♪

Here’s another Nudibranch we found today♪

Below, a Lizard fish. It has a pretty scary face(;・∀・) Look at all those teeth! It didn’t seem to have any luck hunting though(;^ω^)

In the afternoon, we enjoyed landscape diving into the tunnels♪♪

An Electric clam☆ It blinks when you shine a light on it(*^▽^*)

I hope the Manta rays will be there tomorrow…

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