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Flat ocean in Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦)

First, we went diving at Yonehara coral garden☆ After that we departed for manta point☆ It’s in the middle of winter but we’ve been seeing them often lately\(^o^)/

A manta was circling round and round the north cleaning station at manta scramble(≧▽≦)

When we swam back, I noticed that another manta was circling the main cleaning station too(;・∀・)
In Yonehara, we swam over the corals♪

And also explored some tunnels(*^▽^*)

We saw many different kinds of marine animals♪♪ Below, a lionfish♪

A banded sea snake was having a nap on the ocean floor. When they sleep, their eyes turn white☆

A brown-banded pipefish dashed across a rock♪

A school of anemone partner shrimps had gathered in the same spot\(^o^)/

This week the wind around Ishigaki island has been very calm and the temperature warm, but looks like winter will come back next week~(゚Д゚;)