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The north wind is getting stronger and stronger in Ishigaki island(;´・ω・)

Today we did discover scuba dives and last day of advanced open water course(≧▽≦)
Perfect form on the Navigation dive! Good compass skills! A good team effort by my students\(^o^)/

Unfortunately, we couldn’t see any Manta rays today(T_T) but we did a lot of different dives and leveled up diving skills☆

We swam slowly and found some interesting macros (*^▽^*)
Like this Nudibranch♪ It has a beautiful blue edge♪♪

A picture of a Bubble coral shrimp taken with microscope mode on the camera☆

This Anemone shrimp was quite big and it didn’t need extra magnifying(;^ω^)

It was fun teaching the advanced course☆ Tomorrow, we will do fun dives in the morning and take a group och fun divers and discover scuba divers in the afternoon☆ It will be very busy, which is great!
I just wish the wind was calmer. Looking forward to another day of diving☆

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