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Today, there was supposed to be a triathlon in Ishigaki, but it got cancelled because of the strong rain and wind(T_T)

The wind was so strong(;・∀・) But we didn’t let that hinder us from going diving☆☆
After all, it was the last day of our Open Water Course\(^o^)/

A Scorpion fish! As we do a lot of skill practice on the sandy bottom during the course, we really have to take care to see where we sit down(;^ω^)

We found this Red-dot Nudibranch(≧▽≦) It’s so colorful♪
The skirt moved in waves as it made it’s way across the ocean floor☆

The corals in Osaki were looking fine(^O^) and we saw lots of Giant Cuttlefishes(/・ω・)/

A female cuttlefish♪ She was laying eggs in a coral crack☆

Close by, a big male♪ When other males drew near, he changed color to intimidate and chase them away(;・∀・)

That’s the end of our 3 day Open Water Course! We had a lot of fun and got to dive in many different places (≧▽≦)
Tomorrow, we are departing with a family of divers and snorkelers♪☆

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