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A typhoon has formed south of Ishigaki!
It will get stormy by the end of the weekend(;・∀・)

But, we still have fine weather and gentle winds. Another great day under the ocean(≧▽≦)
The Sea goldies were swimming in big schools ♪♪

The corals were also looking well♪ Small Blue-green damselfishes swam busily around☆

Our discover scuba diver made good buoyancy and floated over the coral reef♪

Of course, we also took pictures with Anemonefishes! There are so many different kinds in Ishigaki island♪
This one is a Tomato anemonefish♪ It shines bright red☆

The Orange anemonefishes had babies(*^▽^*) It was fanning fresh water to them using its fins☆
It’s impressing how much care they take of their young.

I found so many shrimps around one anemone♪ This one is an Anemone shrimp☆ Part of its body is transparent (≧▽≦)

Everybody was looking forward to see the manta rays for 2nd dive but they didn’t show up(/ω\)
We went to Manta city but no luck, this is no good, I hope they will be there tomorrow.
I’m sure they will be there next time!

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