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The wind is blowing strong over Ishigaki island and we had fine weather today! I hope the raining on mainland Japan will stop soon, it’s really worrying to watch the news with all the flooding(;´・ω・)
Today, we went diving with these two lovely people. She is certified and he did his first dives with us♪They requested to dive together☆

A sleepy green sea turtle(≧▽≦)

We approached slowly and the turtle didn’t seem to mind at all! So we took a photo together☆

We swam slowly among many colorful fishes and also stopped to take photos with these tomato anemone fishes(*´▽`*)

For second dive, we went to manta point! But sadly no manta rays at manta scramble today~~(T_T)

The water temperature is up, 30℃ now! I don’t mind the weather being hot but I hope that the water temperature dosen’r rise too much(;^ω^)