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Because of the nearby typhoon the wind is changing to north in Ishigaki island. It will get stronger during the night.

Today, we went out for 3 dives☆
Two of them at Manta scramble! But no Manta rays… some other shop saw Mantas but they were all just passing through quickly. I want to see them hovering above the cleaning stations again(T_T)

However, even without Manta rays there are lots of good diving around Kabira(≧▽≦)
We saw many different macro☆☆ And explored the swim-throughs at Rock lake♪♪
Below, an Ornate ghost pipefish☆

This Crocodile fish was sitting on top of a rock♪ Quite an intimidating stare(;^ω^)

Lots of Nudibranch today♪ See below\(^o^)/

There is lots of different macros to find♪♪ So much to explore underwater in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦)

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