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This wind won’t go away, today it was raining heavily as we departed from Kabira beach.
Also, some of our divers couldn’t make it because their flight got canceled in the storm yesterday(/ω\)
And it doesn’t look like it will calm down yet… l really hope we can get the fine summer weather back soon(T_T)

However, we have some good dive spots sheltered from the wind♪♪ And underwater, the ocean is gentle and calm(≧▽≦)

Sadly, we didn’t see any Mantas either but we saw many other kinds of marine life♪
Like this Flounder sitting on the sandy bottom. It has a really characteristic face(;^ω^)

At the landscape site, we had a fun time swimming through the natural tunnels☆

Inside the rocks, the Electric clams blinked brightly when we shone a light on them(*^▽^*) They really are mysterious☆

This huge Pacific cleaner shrimp came out from its hole to meet our divers♪♪

We also saw many different kinds of Nudibranchs(≧▽≦)

It also looks like a typhoon is approaching for next week(/ω\) I don’t like it one bit!((+_+))
Just as I thought the weather would clear up, another storm…

Tomorrow we’re off for Fun and Disccover Scuba dives in Ishigaki☆

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