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Calm ocean and great diving conditions in Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) I enjoyed driving the boat on the flat sea and the visibility was great♪ We haven’t been diving at Arakawa for a while because it’s been too muddy but the latest typhoon washed the mud away\(^o^)/

School of blue-striped snappers!

A bubble coral shrimp♪ Last time I went here, there was only one living in this coral but this time I found a pair(*^▽^*)

A glittering frost nudibranch (☆▽☆)

I’ve seen turtles in many places, but I’ve never seen them sleeping so deeply and comfy as around here (;^ω^)

Most of the corals are still doing well despite the high water temperature☆

I hope the south wind will keep blowing for another month or two(´・ω・`)