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A typhoon has formed close to Ishigaki island(;・∀・) But the ocean was still calm todayた\(^o^)/ We went for fun dives☆ no mantas! The green sea turtles entertained us instead♡ It swam right in front of one of our divers♪

Then it went up for air☆

The sea goldies were also in good form! So much color(*^▽^*)

A squarespot anthias♡ so cute! I wonder why they have this particular pattern (;^ω^)

The leafy scorpion fish is still sitting around the same spot as several days ago, I hope it’s ok(;・∀・)

A tiny bubble coral shrimp♪

A squat shrimp(≧▽≦)

Can we go diving tomorrow? or not?! We’ll see in the morning (;・∀・)

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