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The wind has calmed down and it’s super hot in Ishigaki island(´-ω-`) Today we had a family of divers onboard♪ This is their second day of diving with us☆

The visibility was great and we floated over the coral sea♪♪ The corals are still looking good, but it’s gotten way too warm underwater the last week(゚Д゚;)

Schools of Sea goldies(≧▽≦)

Unfortunately, no Manta rays today((+_+)) They made a quick appearance yesterday so I hope they will come back soon. We still got to chill with this Green turtle(≧▽≦)

Summer is here! It will continue to be very hot… tomorrow we’re having a day off ^_^

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  • Ben Cook says:

    Thank you for taking such good care of us! Our family had a lot of fun diving with you and Yoobin. We are looking forward to diving with you and Anna again the next time we come to Ishigaki!

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