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We had really summery weather in Ishigaki island today☆ It is the end of Golden Week☆ and there was a lot of dive boats everywhere(;^ω^)

Two very young divers on the boat today, mom and dad are already certified and wanted to show their kids the underwater world too\(^o^)/ The kids were very good divers, they really learn everything so quickly♪♪

Many small fishes swam above the reefs of Yonehara☆ It is so nice to just swim among them(^O^)

A big Common Anemonefish is getting more and more company in his Anemone, lot’s of small fry moving in(*^▽^*) Big Anemone fish often chase out the smaller ones, looking at the difference in size, there’s no question who would win.

Close to that Anemone we also found some Squat Shrimps☆ They are so funny to look at.

We also went out to Manta point, there was sooo many boats there(゚Д゚;) But no Manta Rays this time, I hope our divers will come back another time and get to see them\(^o^)/

Tomorrow we go out for Fun diving and Discover Scuba Diving again(≧▽≦)

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