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Finally the Rain Ends☆

By August 19, 2018No Comments

The endless rain has finally stopped and we could see the blue sky in Ishigaki island again☆

We went out with both certified and beginner divers to Yonehara, Manta scramble and Manta city(≧▽≦)
Our discover scuba diving team♪

The visibility wasn’t the best today(;´・ω・) But we could still see a lot of fishes in the coral garden☆

We saw lots of different Anemonefishes♪

An Anemone shrimp♪ Where it lives? In an Anemone of course!(;^ω^)

A small Lionfish made its way across the ocean floor and hid under a big rock☆

For 2nd dive we went to Manta scramble, for 3rd dive to Manta city☆☆ The visibility was bad(´-ω-`) But we still got to see the Manta rays\(^o^)/

We couldn’t see very far underwater today, but this turtle was relaxing and didn’t move at all♡

I hope the visibility will be better tomorrow…

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