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The good weather won’t stop in Ishigaki island! Gentle south wind and clear sky☆

We departed with a merry group of discover scuba divers and fun divers♪ Before departing we briefed them about the equipment♪ The water was glittering in the sun✨ High high expectations for today(≧▽≦)

Our discover scuba diving team could swim very well and had a lot of fun underwater☆

We took pictures together with the Sea goldies♪

Lots of beautiful corals and small reef fishes on the first dive☆

For second dive we went to Manta scramble! Underwater, we waited for the Mantas.
On the way we saw a Green turtle and a Batfish swimming together(;^ω^)

And we also saw a Manta Ray!
It was a little bit far away and just passed through, but since we haven’t had good luck with them recently we felt very blessed and happy to see it(*^▽^*)

From tomorrow we’re off fun diving all weekend♪♪ Looking forward to visiting a lot of different sites☆

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