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We went out for diving with guests for the first time in forever today!
So grateful to the two divers that decided to come down and visit Ishigaki Island and dive with us. We went for fun dives in Yonehara and at Manta scramble.
Because of the heavy rain accompanied by rumbling thunder yesterday, the visibility wasn’t on top but it was still very beautiful. The corals at Yonehara never disappoint. \(^o^)/

Lots of Sea Goldies swimming on top of the rocks(*´▽`*) The colors are amazing, especially at the shallower parts of the reef♪♪

Two Giant moray eels hiding in the same hole (;^ω^)

Of course, we also went to Manta point! First we did a dive at Manta Scramble and then at Manta City(≧▽≦) but despite high expectations, the manta rays didn’t show up(/ω\) double punch((+_+)) At least the green sea turtles were there to greet us☆

I felt disappointed that the manta rays didn’t show up today, but we still had some great dives enjoying the landscape. I hope they will show up the next time! The season has just started, looking forward to go diving again♪