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Sunny days in Ishigaki island☆ It’s getting hot! The sun feels closer than usual(;^ω^)

We tried for the Manta rays again today! However, they weren’t there(/ω\)
I wonder why… this won’t do(;´・ω・)

At Yamabare, our faithful turtles were having a siesta♪♪
This one looked like it was itching somewhere, it was rubbing its body against a rock(*^▽^*)

We didn’t get any Mantas, but saw many other interesting marine animals☆
The Ornate pipefish are here this season too♪ I hope we can see many of them this year again.
I’m very grateful that we get to have this artificial reef ♪

Closeby on the sand we found this flounder… it looks like it has grown, eyebrows?(;・∀・)

We also saw the Spotted garden eels☆☆

On top of a big seacucumber on the sandy bottom I found an impressivly big Emperor shrimp. It wasn’t trying to hide at all(;^ω^)

A Mantis shrimp in fighiting mode(^O^) So neat, just look at the shape and colors!☆☆

Took this Nudibranch picture using microscope mode on the camera

A Scorpionfish was sitting on top of the reef in Manta city, usually divers sit on the bottom or hold on to the rocks at this site… have to be careful(;・∀・)

More diving tomorrow♪♪ Got both fun and discover scuba dives♪ Gonna be a lot of fun☆

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