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A gentle wind and both surface and water temperature were just right in Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) We were very happy to have a guest on the boat today♪♪ He just finished his open water so equipment setup was perfect☆ We went out for 3 dives\(^o^)/

We departed for manta point with high expectations but no manta rays there today(/ω\) I hope we can meet them again soon(;^ω^) The corals at Yonehara were very beautiful♪♪ Lots of small fishes swam around us☆

Sadly, the visibility at Arakawa wasn’t the best (;´・ω・) Maybe we’ll need to wait for a typhoon to clear this silt up after the rainy season(;・∀・)

A leafy scropionfish♪

Tiny bubble coral shrimp (*´▽`*)

And colorful nudibranchs (*´▽`*)

Ishigaki’s summer season has just started!!! I hope we can go diving a lot more soon.