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The typhoon has passed over Ishigaki island\(^o^)/
Because of the direction of the typhoon, there wasn’t even much waves left (≧▽≦)

We went out to Yamabare and Manta point♪♪ The typhoon flushed clean water through the reefs and the visibility was great(^o^)

There was some signs of the typhoons passing underwater, but the fishes were doing well☆
A couple of Seasnakes followed us underwater, it might have been a bit unsettling to people who don’t like snakes(;・∀・)

A Robust ghost pipefish was drifting over the sand(≧▽≦)

And here’s an Ornate ghost pipefish☆

I’ve seen lots of this type of Nudibranch lately♪

On top of a rock, two turtles were having a siesta♪♪ I don’t think they spent the typhoon here so they must have come back because they really like this place☆

Lot’s of small things are hard to spot by the naked eye( ̄▽ ̄)

I went out with high expectations of finding the Manta rays after the typhoon, but they were not there((+_+))
But we will keep looking for them(^^;)

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