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The summer heat continues in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦)
We went out with a group of friends, two of them were certified and one tried diving for the first time♪♪

First dive was at the shallow Jukabijin site☆☆ After much trouble equalizing, we managed to go down to take this picture with the whole group of friends together(^ω^)

We saw many tropical reef fishes at the shallow reef♪

A Hermit crab was carrying a big heavy looking shell as it’s house(;・∀・) It looked too big for the little fellow.。

Today, we also went looking for Manta rays at Manta Scramble! No luck this time (/ω\)
They are wild animals so there’s not much we can do, but it’s very frustrating!

Tomorrow we’re off fun diving☆ I wonder what we will find in the ocean this time♪

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