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The north wind won’t turn in Ishigaki island, but it has gotten a lot calmer so we could go to Manta point☆
But first we went to Osaki’s Anthias reef and relaxed among the corals(≧▽≦)

Looking down at the bottom from the boat It thought we would have awesome visibility♪♪ But it turned out to be as usual, still beautifully clear(/・ω・)/ It was probably clearer on the deeper parts♪

There shoud still be many Giant cuttlefishes in Osaki,I thought, but there weren’t there today(/ω\) and neither was our resident turtle(((゚Д゚;)// It was a big shock, but we saw many other interesting animals\(^o^)/ Like this big Yellow-edged moray eel.

Lots of small garden eels poked their heads up from the sandy bottom(^O^)

We also met this adult Anemone Clownfish♪♪

Our snorkeling team saw one Giant Cuttlefish in the distance! Lucky (≧▽≦)

For second dive we went out to Manta point, as soon as we descended a manta passed by☆ Great…(≧▽≦)

…I thought, but it soon swam away(T_T) At least our diving team saw one I thought as we continued the dive, however, as we went up on the boat again it turned out that everybody but me had seen a second Manta! It swam by as I was looking for them in the other direction(/ω\) But I’m happy because both our diver and snorkeler saw it☆

This last picture below is the top of a coral.

Tomorrow, it will be north wind again but it’s supposed to be weak so we can go out to Manta point\(^o^)/

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