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Today was also warm and sunny☆ Compared to yesterday, the wind had picked up a bit in Ishigaki island☆

We had a group of cheerful friends on the boat♪ I heard that they all worked in Hakuba during the winter(≧▽≦)

We did Fun dives and Snorkeling in Osaki and Manta point☆ We saw many Giant cuttle fishes and a Manta passed by\(^o^)/ It swam by really quickly but at least we got a quick look at it(;^ω^)
Because we departed from Osaki, we could see the Uganzaki lighthouse on the way again(;・∀・)

I’ve been posting lots of pictures with Mantas and Giant Cuttlefishes lately so today I will show something different! A Green turtle♪♪ It was taking a nap at the bottom(^O^)

A Banded Seasnake♪ This picture was taken by our Snorkeling theme(/・ω・)/ Seasnakes also come up to the surface for air sometimes(;^ω^) it can be a bit startling when they come close…

The visibility in Osaki was not as good as usual(/ω\) But both the corals and the reef fishes were still there looking as healthy as always☆

An Anemone Partner Shrimp lives inside a coral where our popular Clown Fishes also reside♪♪ Clown Anemone Fishes are cute, but I think this shrimp is too\(^o^)/

I wish the good weather could continue, but tomorrow it’s supposed to rain(゚Д゚;)

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