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Tomorrow, typhoon Maria will hit Ishigaki island. All the boats have been put away in preparation for it(;´・ω・) This view of Kabira bay without the boats you can only see on a sunny day before the typhoon♪♪

The wind has turned to the north, but it’s still weak so we could still go diving in the morning(≧▽≦) We did two dives in Yonehara☆

From Yonehara, we often post pictures of hard corals but there is also a spot with a wide field of soft corals here(^O^)

We saw lots of different macro today♪

Like this tiny Nudibranch♪

There is also a tunnel with lots of fishes in the shallow area (^ω^)

Of course, I found lots of shrimps! My favorites(≧▽≦)
In one place, I found so many Anemone partner shrimps it was impossible to count them!

This shrimp is almost completely transparent so it wasn’t easy to spot(^O^)

Those Whip coral shrimps were sitting right on the root of the whip coral♪

A super tiny Bubble coral shrimp☆ It was living on a small coral so maybe it’s better for it to keep small(;・∀・)

A group of Durban dancing shrimps lining up to get their picture taken♬

An Anemone shrimp☆

From tomorrow, we’ll close because of the typhoon and stay safe indoors the whole day(;´・ω・)
Let’s go diving together again once this typhoon passes\(^o^)/

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