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A gentle east wind blew over Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) We went out for fun dives with our repeater guest from the last two days and a couple fron New Zealand☆ We departed from Kabira and did three dives, first in Yonehara and then Manta scramble and Manta city! Sadly, the manta rays weren’t around at all today((+_+)) At least the corals and landscape was nice~(;^ω^)

Three sea turtles were resting on top of a coral bommie☆ Around this time of the year we don’t get many divers here so they can rest and relax(^O^)

A big scorpionfish♪

And a tiny one!

A honeycomb moray poked its head out from the rocks☆

Small whip coral shrimps climbing a whip coral♪

Tomorrow’s supposed to be a bit rainy in Ishigaki island again(;・∀・)