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We had stormy weather this weekend, but now it has calmed down and we have had a couple of really warm and sunny days in Ishigaki island♪

Today, we went Fun Diving in Yonehara and Manta Point and we saw many exciting things(≧▽≦)
Last year, I found an Anemone with no Fishes in it and only a few small shrimps(/・ω・)/ Now it has three Common Anemone fishes living in it ♪♪

A big impressive Honey Comb Moray was looking out of its hole, it stretched out its body like it wasn’t afraid of anything(;・∀・)

A lovely white Christmas Worm♪ They are very popular with Discover Scuba Divers and newly certified divers alike(^O^)

A Marble Shrimp☆ It’s usually very shy and hard to get a picture of, but today I got a really sharp one!

This Hermit Crab found himself a majestic house☆

For second dive went to Manta point, yesterday we went there and saw the Manta Rays, but very disappointingly forgot to bring the camera… So we had high hopes of them being there today!

The Mantas came out as soon as we jumped into the water♪ First they swam back and forth from the main reef to another cleaning station♪♪ Then, they hovered on top of a cleaning station until it was time to go up (≧▽≦)

At the end, a Green Turtle came out to join the Mantas in their show♪♪
I only wish I could have taken a picture of them facing me, but maybe that’s too much to ask(;^ω^)

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