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Today we had a beautiful clear day in Ishigaki and the visibility in Yonehara was great☆ You can see it just by looking at the pictures(≧▽≦) It was very soothing for the heart to swim over the coral garden♪♪

An Anemone Crab was reaching for food at the edge of an Anemone, as we came closer, it slowly moved inside and hid(;・∀・)

Another small fellow, I hope this Bubbel Coral Shrimp will grow up big during the summer (^O^)

A resting Scorpionfish♪ It looks rather cute, don’t you think?;^ω^)

For second dive we went out to Manta point\(^o^)/
There we saw five different Manta rays(≧▽≦) Two of them kept coming back so we got to take a good look at them☆☆

From tomorrow we will have south winds♪ Looks like summer is finally here\(^o^)/

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