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It’s the calm before the storm in Ishigaki island(;´・ω・)

A typhoon has formed south of Ishigaki and it’s turning the wind to north! Well, no point to worry♪ Today we had great sea conditions for diving(≧▽≦)
The visibility was also very good♪ We went out with both beginner divers and licenced divers today☆

Of course, there were lots of Green turtles♪ in Yamabare♪♪
We took a picture together with one☆ If we approach them respectfully, they can stay very relaxed liked this(*’ω’*)

For 2nd dive we went to Manta scramble without luck(/ω\) It’s really bad this year(;´・ω・)
However, we got revenge on the 3rd dive at Manta scramble! One manta was circling the station as we went down (≧▽≦)

It circled round and round and round☆☆

Feeling grateful for the manta, turtles and all the other marine animals we got to see today♪
Like this Octopus! It had squeezed itself into a small hole(;・∀・)

And this tiny crab♪

Tomorrow is another summery day! Looking forward to get into the water(/・ω・)/d

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