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There was almost no wind at all in Ishigaki today(≧▽≦) It was an unusually beautiful day☆ We went Fun diving in Yonehara and Manta point☆

The visibility was also great and we had a relaxing first dive\(^o^)/

Blue-green Damsel fishes over the coral garden♬♬

We found many different small critters, among them an Emperor shrimp and a Nudibranch that stayed together, an unusual sight (;^ω^)

Today, we only saw one Manta at Manta point and it didn’t stay for very long(T_T) Close to where we waited for the Mantas we found a Green Turtle(≧▽≦) I approached slowly to take the picture as to not wake it up☆

Tomorrow and the day after the good weather will continue, but after that it looks like a storm will come(/ω\) Not liking this forecast one bit (;・∀・)

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