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Another hot day in Ishigaki! It’s like the summer is here already(≧▽≦)
We went diving today at a landscape site and at Manta point! Unfortunately, the visibility wasn’t the best because of the heavy rains some days ago but we could still enjoy the landscape☆

A Honeycomb moray had squeezed itself in tightly into a hole, I wonder if it’s really comfy? (;・∀・)

Today we saw lots of Nudibranchs♪ This Frost nudibranch was the best shot today! (*’ω’*)

Second dive at Manta point! Yesterday, we saw Manta rays here! Today… they didn’t bother to show up (T_T) Maybe they sensed our high hopes (´-ω-`) But we got to meet this Green turtle♪

Tomorrow we’re off for fun dives and discover scuba dives☆

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