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A typhoon+ north wind, stormy weather is approaching Ishigaki island!

Today we went out with only certified divers♪♪
We dived at Rock lake, Manta scramble and Manta city☆
So much fun swimming through the tunnels at the landscape dive site(≧▽≦)

For 2nd dive we went to Manta scramble where we waited a long time without any luck(T_T) I also feel disappointed when we wait and don’t see them(;´・ω・) However, we didn’t give up and tried again on the 3rd dive!
Luckily, we only had to wait 5min this time and then a Manta appeared(≧▽≦)

It circled slowly above the station and we could take our time to watch it☆ Closeby, a young turtle was having a siesta on top of the soft corals♪♪ So tiny(*’ω’*)

We can see Nudibranch at all of the dive sites♪ This little fellow crossed our path while we waited for the Manta ray.

I’m worried about the typhoon, but tomorrow we can still go diving!

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