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The hot sunny weather continued today too, but it looks like we’re getting some rain this weekend in Ishigaki island!

Today we had our 3rd and last day of the open water course(≧▽≦) Our fun divers from yesterday all joined for another day out on the ocean too☆☆

At Manta Scramble, we saw two Manta rays circling round and round(^O^) One of them passed very close to us to our divers’ delight♪♪

Our open water student saw mantas two days in a row on the course (;・∀・) So lucky♪♪
He looks completely under their spell♪♪ Of course, we also finished all our skill practice\(^o^)/

Usually, we don’t see Robust ghost pipefishes in the summertime but this one appeared in Yonehara today♪ It’s one of my favorite marine animals♡

A bright red Tomato anemonefish. There are so many different kinds of them in Ishigaki, it’s the perfect place for Anemonefish lovers(^O^)

Inside the same anemone we also found lots of anemone shrimps living together♪

Today we also found cute Nudibranchs(≧▽≦)

I also took two videos today(≧▽≦)  This one from Manta scramble♪

And this one is of a Green turtle☆ At full speed to its favorite spot☆

The ocean was just warm enough and we had a fun day on the ocean♪
Congratulations to our newly certfied diver(≧▽≦) He really got so skilled in these few days♪
I hope he will get to go diving in a lot of fun places ☆☆

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