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There was almost no wind as we departed from Kabira for diving in Ishigaki this morning✨ However, the forecast for this evening is strong north wind so it was last chance for now to dive in Kabira! We had relaxing fun dives at Yonehara, Manta point and Osaki✨The manta rays came out today! It’s coming toward the end of the season but today we could enjoy watching them♪

They circled round the cleaning station and we got a good look✨

The visibility was very good and all the fish glittered in the sunlight♪

At Osaki, the green sea turtles had relax time♪♪

Another turtle was going up for air✨

Swimming over the coral reef felt so good♪ Recharge time!✨

Below, a robust ghost pipefish♪ This one is very well camouflaged!

The nudibranch are also coming out as the water gets colder.

We also spotted some spotted garden eels✨

I wonder if the visibility will drop as the sea gets more rough tomorrow… it will be colder but still lots of fun diving ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆