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A south wind is blowing! It’s hot in Ishigaki!

Today’s divers were here on their honeymoon(≧▽≦) Happy times☆☆
For first dive we enjoyed the swim-throughs at Rock Lake♪♪ The south wind was pretty strong but at this point we can find shelter from it♪

At Manta point we finally got to see the Manta Rays again\(^o^)/ Unfortunately, they didn’t stay around(/ω\) They just passed by, and then came back one more time just to swim away again(;^ω^) But I’m super happy we got to see them☆☆

On the third dive we found a Green Turtle having an afternoon nap(*^▽^*)

Lots of small corals are growing up in Yamabare! Getting bigger and bigger! It makes me excited to see them grow up a little bit more every year☆

Tomorrow we’re off Fun diving again☆ However, the wind is changing((゚Д゚;) So we’ll have to move the boat again and enjoy the reefs around Sakieda instead♪

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