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A typhoon has formed south of Ishigaki island and it’s already incluencing the weather here… it doesn’t look like a direct hit for now but these things can always changeΣ(‘◉⌓◉’)
But for today, we could still dive at manta point✨ Several manta rays were merrily circling round and round the cleaning station♪♪

Some of them passed right over our heads♪

The sea was rough on the surface but underwater is calm✨ Everyone had a good time watching the manta rays together✨

We also went diving on the coral reefs✨ So many small reef fishes swimming over and inside the corals🐠🐡

Relaxing and taking lots of photos♪

A small white-tip reef shark was hiding under a rock… can you see the teeth?

Also found this scorpionfish sitting still✨

Sadly, because of the typhoon it looks like we’ll be off for a few days ( ̄◇ ̄;)