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♪The wind is blowing gently from the west and we had a little bit of swell in Ishigaki island today.

Because we haven’t had much luck with the Mantas the last few days we tried going there early in the morning (`・ω・´)
The ocean was glittering and underwater everything was lit beautifully♪♪ However, we waited and waited without any Manta rays showing up(/ω\)

So we tried another dive spot! Our faithful Green turtles♪♪ They do not disappoint(≧▽≦)

Today we saw three of them♪ In their usual spots sleeping lazily as always(*^▽^*)

Spotted garden eels poked their head up from the sandy soil♪ Today, there was a bit of a current and they swayed with it☆☆

We also saw many Ornate ghostpipe fishes☆☆ Around five of them I think, a festive decoration on the reef☆☆

Sea goldies♪♪ I see them almost every day, but that doesn’t stop them from being cute(*^▽^*)

This swim through is on the shallow part of the reef♪♪ It looks beautiful with the light coming from above☆

Today’s nudibranch was no stranger to us(;^ω^) This kind has been hanging around the same place everyday latley(;・∀・)

In Yonehara, the Anemone Partner shrimps are not as many this year. The type of coral they like has decreased, I hope they will come back\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)//

This little fellow we can still find a lot, it’s a Squat Shrimp♪♪
I’ll be praying for the Manta rays to come by tomorrow, we’ll go look for them again!
Looking forward to fun dives♪☆

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