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There was a lot less wind compared to yesterday’s afternoon but the swell was still lingering around Ishigaki island.

Today we went out for fun dives and discover scuba dives at Yonehara and Manta point♪♪ Our fun divers had tried their luck without sucess at Manta point yesterday and were hoping for revenge. I’m sad to say there was no mantas there today either(T_T) Especially since we went out there in high swell and all(/ω\)

We had two discover scuba divers on the boat, however, one of them was very scared of water and couldn’t conqer her fear this time(;^ω^) Our other first time diver didn’t have much problems and could enjoy exploring the underwater world with us♪

Nothing like the coral garden♪♪

The water temperature is rising steadily, is that what make this big Anemonefish open it’s mouth like in a big yawn? (;・∀・)

A Lionfish showing off it’s patterned fins☆

Tomorrow we’re off for discover scuba dives♪♪ Let’s go and meet all the different fishes(≧▽≦)

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