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It’s a bit cloudy, but still warm as summer in Ishigaki island☆
Today we went out for Fun- and Discover scuba dives(≧▽≦) Compared to yesterday, there were much less boats out on the sea but still fairly busy(;・∀・)

Today’s discover scuba diver was a bit scared at first, but as we continued the dive she forgot about that and had a good time(≧▽≦) She became quite skilled at the end☆

Of course, we went over the coral garden with all the small reef fishes swimming all around us♪♪ No matter how many times I go here I never tire(*^▽^*)

The Anemone fishes are always very popular, we have a lot of different kinds in Ishigaki and you can find them on almost all dive sites(;^ω^)

Unfortunately, we didn’t see any Manta Rays today either(/ω\) I hope they will soon come back to stay so we can see them more regularly again (;・∀・)

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