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The north wind is still very weak in Ishigaki island☆ But from tomorrow the waves will get higher, I hope diving will be ok(;^ω^)

Today we went to Manta city but no Mantas there this time(T_T) However, at Yamabare we saw Green turtles that were having a serious nap (≧▽≦)

In Yamabare we can find a lot of different Macro☆ This Cleaner shrimp was hiding in between the rocks♪♪ If a fish enters, this hard-working shrimp will clean the fish(^O^)

A Mosaic nudibranch♪ It has a strange geometric pattern (*’ω’*)

Our discover scuba diver got to meet the Orange Anemone fishes☆ She was very nervous before the dives, but soon calmed down and was swimming very well(^O^) Of course, we took many pictures☆

A big Anemone crab was also living inside this Anemone♪ If divers approach too quickly, this crab starts shuffling inside the Anemone and go into hiding (;´・ω・)

Harlequin Sweetlips☆

From tomorrow we’ll start an Advanced Open Water Course! It will be windy\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/

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