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Sea Condition much Calmer than Expected! Underwater Blue☆

By August 2, 2018No Comments

Yesterday night a thunderstorm passed over the Ishigaki island. It was a bit windy today but the ocean it was much calmer than expected(≧▽≦)

We went for fun dives♪ and discover scuba dives around the coral garden☆

Our discover scuba diver had tried diving only four days before♪ Just like riding a bike, the body remembers\(^o^)/ You could tell by her good buoyancy♪♪

The Clown anemonefishes♪ Thank you for always bringing a smile to the face of our divers☆ They are certainly among of our most popular fishes on the reef(^O^)

This big Clark’s anemonefish is fiercely protecting his Anemone, they have unexpectedly sharp teeth((+_+))


This Arc-eye hawkfish was resting between the corals♪

This summer, the Mantas are not showing up like they use to(/ω\) It makes me worried, this has never happened before(;´・ω・)

Tomorrow we go discover scuba diving and fun diving in the beautiful ocean☆

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