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Today was another warm sunny day on the boat in Ishigaki island. Our open water student did her first practice dives in the ocean today(≧▽≦) The certified divers also had a good day exploring the reef☆

Today’s dive spots were in Osaki and Nagura area☆☆
After our Open Water student finished her skills, we went to have a look at all the different fishes♪♪

Soon, we found a big Octopus(/・ω・) It changed colors and it was really exciting to see♪♪

The Ribbon eel had moved a bit from its usual place, but I found it just a stone’s throw away.

We circled around many beautiful corals♪ Our Open Water student already has good buoyancy(^O^)
Having this good skills from the start will certainly make her a super good diver as she gains more practice…(;^ω^)

The Giant Cuttlefishes had another busy day mating(;・∀・)
They had all gathered in a shallow area, around 5m deep and there was so many of them! This shallow, you could see them on Discover Scuba Dives or even snorkeling☆

We also went and had a look at the different shrimps. They might not be the most impressive thing on a dive, but they sure are fun and strange to look at (;^ω^)
Bubble Coral Shrimp♪

Squat Shrimp♪♪

Anemone Partner Shrimp♪♪♪ It’s hard to see with the naked eye, but they have a sharp body shape that I think look cool (≧▽≦)

Tomorrow, I hope we can go out to manta point… I hope the mantas will be there…

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