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We departed on a calm ocean from Ishigaki island☆

Two of our fun divers from yesterday joined us for another day of diving! In Yonehara I’ve recently found some young sharks always hiding in the same place(≧▽≦) Today, three of them were squeezed into the same hole(;・∀・)
They look small and cute♪♪ But of course, they also have lots of tiny teeth.

The Honeycomb moray also has an impressing row of sharp teeth☆ But it looks very kind in this picture I think(;´・ω・)

We also found lots of nudibranchs, however, my camera got error in the middle of the dive so I couldn’t photograph most of them (/ω\) Except for this one♪

We went to Manta city for second dive☆ Yesterday, no mantas showed up but today we got to see one\(^o^)/ It circled round and round for a long time to our divers joy☆

At Yonehara, we also found lots of shrimps♪♪ Like this Bubble coral shrimp☆ We can usually find shrimps in this kind of coral, latley I’ve only seen very small individuals in them☆

An Anemone crab fishing for food(^O^)

We also found so many Squat shrimps around one anemone(;^ω^)

If you peek inside the corals, you can find many different kinds of crabs♪♪

Today we also drifted peacefully over the coral garden☆ surrounded by all the small fishes☆

Tomorrow, we’re off for discover scuba dives(*^▽^*)

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